Which technology do you use for measurement?

We use RFID timing chips to measure the times of the participants. RFID technology is one of the most reliable and economical methods used in running and other sports events.

Is it possible to measure accurately in races with high participants?

With a proper setup plan and proper chipping of the runners, the results can be fully prepared.

Can you measure time only for running?

Timing of running, swimming, cycling and many other sports organizations can be done with RFID systems. You can contact us to find the most suitable solution.

Can I afford a professional measurement service?

Professional measurement service is very accessible with decreasing costs. Electronic timing system is no longer a luxury for sports organizations and has become a necessity.

I did not insert my chip, can I appear in the results?

No, if you do not wear your chip, you will not appear in the results because your time cannot be measured.

What should I do if I can't see my name in the results or if I think there are errors in the results?

During the organization, you should come directly to the timing tent and report the situation to us. If you later noticed that there was an error in the results, you can contact us via e-mail by writing the organization you joined, your name, surname and chest number.

Where exactly should I position my chip?

If your chip is behind the chest number, you should keep the chest number at chest level. Wearing your chest number on your back or leg may prevent the chip from being read.

Different chips are used in other sports such as swimming and cycling. In such organizations, information about chip positioning is provided separately.

When and where can I see the results?

Depending on the agreement with the organization, your results may be broadcast live or broadcast in bulk after the race is over. To see your results, you should go to www.etaptiming.com or the website of the organization you are joining.

Can the electronic timing measurement service measure correctly?

The RFID technology we use has the sensitivity to make measurements in seconds. It allows you to get the right result quickly in sports such as running, cycling and swimming. Note: RFID timing systems cannot be used in races that require photo-finish, such as the 100m sprint.

What should I do if my chip is damaged?

If your chip is damaged, your measurements may not be accurate. In this case, you should go to the organization and request that your chip be replaced. If the organization has extra chips, your chip will be replaced.